What am I up to?

Faced with the uncertainties and ennui of post-grad life and in possession of a small grant from my alma mater, I’m escaping to Mexico and Guatemala to explore and study Spanish for 10 months. My goals: learn a little Spanish, go on some adventures, make genuine connections with new people in a new place, play a lot of soccer, eat a lot of tacos (but not right before the soccer), and last but not least, finally learn to play the congas.  My guiding principle?  Always, always Say Yes to Tacos.

(Both this photo and the main page header are courtesy of Andy Donohoe, my flatmate in Guadalajara, an excellent photographer, and pincha guero extraordinaire.  Check out his work here.)


One Response to “What am I up to?”

  1. Lori Martin April 18, 2010 at 11:50 AM #

    Hi Dylan,
    I’m from your home town, muddy-yet icy, East Montpelier VT. I love the bus trip story you submitted for the Signpost. I lay it out, and am finalizing the Ma/June issue. Unfortunately, only a portion of your piece is going in. The entire piece is on the EM Signpost website and we’re printing a link to your blog.
    I have a small space (6 x 6 cm) at the bottom of your abstracted piece, and I would love a small photo to put there. Can you send me on in the next 2 or 3 days?
    Your blog is interesting and well-written. Fantastic work. I am going to bookmark it.

    Thanks very much in advance for a photo!


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